Midface Lifting

What is a Mid-Face Lift?

One of the earliest signs of aging occurs in the mid-face with the sagging of the cheeks and areas around them. As the natural process of aging occurs, the cheek areas begin to flatten and lose their positioning and in turn the creases next to the mouth and nose begin to deepen. Another part of the aging process in the mid-face area is the lower eyelids which begin to lose their shape and sag. A mid-face lift helps elevate the fat pad, called a malar fat pad, in the cheeks. This lifts them and adds fullness back to the cheeks and to the eye area as well. Many patients report feeling like they look more refreshed and rejuvenated on top of looking younger after this procedure.

Midface lift

A mid-face lift can be done on its own or with a traditional face lift which doesn't target this area on its own.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Mid-Face Lift?

Good candidates for mid-face lift procedures include those who are already in good overall health who have seen a change in the appearance of their cheeks and eyelid areas and want to look younger and more refreshed. Those who are still a bit too young for a full face lift may also choose this procedure instead while delaying the need for a full face lift.

How is a Mid-Face Lift Performed?

A very common question we get from those who are considering a full face lift and/or a mid-face lift is how is a mid-face lift performed. In most cases, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, especially when being performed with other procedures liked eye lid lifts, face lift, etc. Medical professionals will monitor you while under anesthesia to ensure you are safe and comfortable at all times. An incision is made along the lower lash line and the cheek fat pad is lifted and repositioned along with any excess fat tissue in the lower eyelid that may be causing aging eyes. Sometimes the eyelid muscle is tightened as well. As with all surgical procedures there is a recovery period where bruising and swelling may occur. Scarring from this surgery is extremely minimal and almost invisible as it's hidden in the lash line.

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