Earlobe Rejuvenation and Repair

It's common for people who wear earrings to experience torn earlobes.  Through injury, such as an earring getting caught on clothing, or by the usage of heavy earrings, earlobes tear, leaving behind a split earlobe. Many times the earlobe split is complete while other times the earlobe is torn but does not split completely. Over the years, Dr. Mitchell has repaired numerous earlobes to a restored state. More intense ear lobe repair involves the reconstruction of gauged or stretched ear lobes. It has become trendy to wear pierced earrings fashioned with thick, decorative posts and rings. Ear gauging is the gradual stretching of the ear lobe. There comes a point in the ear gauging process where once the wide earring is removed, the hole left behind will not shrink to an acceptable state. In these cases, earlobe reconstruction is an excellent option.

ear lobe repair

If years of wearing heavy earrings, gauging your ears or injury have left your ear lobes in less than perfect condition, we can help.

After years of wearing earrings, some women experience stretched earlobes that are not aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, these types of ear lobe injuries are simple to repair.

FAQs About Earlobe Repair

What is earlobe repair or reconstruction?
Earlobe repair is the surgical correction of a torn earlobe.  Earlobe reconstruction is more applicable to severely augmented earlobes such as those seen with body modification and ear gauging.

See these before and after images to get an idea of the success other patients have found with Dr. Mitchell and his team.




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