Mini Face Lift

What is a Mini-Facelift?

An alternative to more invasive facelifts is the Mini-Facelift. Compared to more extensive facelifts, a mini-facelift is a quicker operation with a faster healing time and fewer potential complications.  Patients also return to normal activities sooner. The procedure may be combined with less invasive direct neck procedures such as liposuction or platysmaplasty (correction of the up and down bands in the neck). The procedure involves an incision strategically placed in front of the ear and many times also behind the ear. The skin is lifted and the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened and repositioned. Recovery is quicker than with a full facelift. The procedure takes approximately two hours to complete.

mini face lift

A Mini-Facelift provides an overall lift to the lower third of the face, the neck
and cheeks.

Who makes the best candidates for Mini-Facelifts?

The best candidates for mini-facelifts are women and men with mild to moderate jowls and minimal looseness to the neck skin.  The mini-facelift works well to correct the loose skin of the lower face, including the jowls that form along the jaw line.  Excessively loose neck skin,"turkey gobbler", while initially may look good following a mini-facelift, will start to appear again within the first year following surgery.  Other good candidates for mini-facelifts are people who will accept less than excellent results of the neck in trade for less downtime and expense compared to a complete lower face and neck lift.

Where is a Mini-Facelift performed?

A mini-facelift is usually performed in an office-based setting. In appropriately chosen patients this procedure is well tolerated using only local anesthesia. Sedation or general anesthesia are other options and would be performed in an outpatient surgical facility.

How is a Mini-Facelift performed?

A Mini-Facelift is a safe and effective procedure for mild to moderate jowling and minimal to mild neck laxity.  While any surgery has risks and potential complications, a Mini-Facelift is typically a very safe and effective surgical procedure. I have not to this date had any significant complications from a Mini-Facelift. Years ago I had a hematoma (blood collection) where I had to re-open the incision and clean it out and re-close it.  I have had no infections or nerve injuries.  While there is a theoretical risk of these complications, they are very rare.  A Mini-Facelift can be performed under local anesthesia.  I have NEVER had a patient not tolerate this procedure using a local anesthetic.  The anesthetic is comparable to a dental procedure.  While we may not like the feeling of the local anesthetic, it is really not so bad.  Once the anesthetic has been done, the rest of the procedure is very comfortable.  In fact, most pateints fall asleep at this time.  It is my impression that we have a defense mechanism that puts us to sleep during these types of procedures.  I recall my days as a resident where I was called to the Emergency Room for facial lacerations.  I am certain that almost every patent fell asleep during the closure of their wounds. Once the anesthetic is placed and I calmly talk you through the procedure you wil get through the procedure well. 

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