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We love helping our clients achieve their dream
look with cosmetic facial surgery procedures.
Dr. Mitchell and his team specialize in cosmetic facial procedures so you know you're in good hands from the very beginning stages of the process all the way until the end!

Midface Lifting

If your cheeks have lost the volume of their youth and your eyes look tired or baggy, a midface lift can help!

Eyelid Rejuvenation

The eyes are one of the first things people notice about you. We can help rejuvenate and refresh them, restoring that vivacious look of your youth.

Brow and Forehead

Years of frowning and squinting can leave lines, wrinkles or sagging skin in the forehead and brow area. With a lift, you can quickly restore the smoothness and elasticity of the skin in these areas.


Unhappy with the size, shape or general look of your nose? A rhinoplasty can drastically improve your facial structure and profile.

Facial Implants

Have you tried dermal fillers but are looking for a more permanent solution to loss of volume in the face? Talk to Dr. Mitchell today about facial implants or click learn more.

Face and Neck Lifting

Dr. Mitchell offers several options for face and neck lifts ranging from minimally invasive for those with minor issues to full in-depth surgical procedures for those who require more.

Ear Reshaping Otoplasty

Changing the size, shape or proportion of the ears is completely possible with an otoplasty. If you're unhappy with your ears or you feel they stick out too far we can help.

Ear-lobe Rejuvenation and Repair

Did you gauge your ears in the past and regret it now? Did you suffer an injury to your ear-lobe? Dr. Mitchell has helped numerous patients restore the look and shape of their ears.

Fat Transfer to the Face

Did you know you can use your own fat from unwanted areas to restore volume to the face and lips? Click learn more for more information.

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Our team has been focused on facial procedures from
the start and are experts in our field.
Hottest Trendsin Facial Surgeries

Hottest Trends
in Facial Surgeries

Rhinoplasty and Eye Lid surgery were the third and fourth most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States last year.
Experts in Facial Surgery

Experts in
Facial Surgery

You can count on Dr. Mitchell and his team to provide you with the highest quality care and results as facial surgery is our area of expertise!


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