The Virtual Visit Trend


Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts. If you've made it thus far this year without trying at least one web-based meeting app, you may be in the minority. With social distancing and quarantine orders in place across the country and around the world, e-meetings are the new in-person meeting. From work huddles to virtual classrooms, it seems like everything has gone virtual, including medical appointments.

But while many people are anxious to get back to 'normal,' many experts believe that the virtual medical consultations may be here to stay. Here's why that could be a good thing.

It's Safer

Participating in a virtual consultation makes sense because for some procedures you don't need to be in the doctor's office for an initial consultation. For a first consultation, much of the details of the procedure can be reviewed via web meeting, with in-person consultations occurring as needed closer to the surgery date. In fact, some doctors did virtual consultations prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to do so after.

A web based consultation eliminates the need for in-person contact, as well as for travel to and from the surgeon's office, both of which can increase your risk of illness.

It Broadens Your Options

For patients looking to use a plastic surgeon that is out of their local area, it may be cost prohibitive to fly or drive to the surgeons office just for a consultation. That's another area where web-based consultations make sense. You can meet with your surgeon from the comfort of your own home, decide whether you're a good fit, and schedule your procedure, all without having to fly or drive an extra time.

It Saves Time

In a time crunch? Wouldn't it be easier to meet with your doctor over the computer and get a prescription refilled without having to take an afternoon off from work? No travel time, no sitting in the waiting room. That's just another benefit to e-visits that people are beginning to embrace.

Whether you choose an e-visit or an in person visit, know that you will receive the same care and compassion from your doctor either way, and that all practices are doing their best to care for their patients during these unprecedented times. 

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