New Documentary Series Features Plastic Surgery

New Documentary Series Focuses On Plastic Surgery
For those of us who are fascinated by plastic surgery, a new documentary show has debuted on Netflix and it's earning rave reviews for its honesty and candor.

Unlike other shows that have shown the more salacious side of plastic surgery, "Skin Decision: Before and After" is a more serious look at cosmetic surgery, especially the reconstructive side of cosmetic surgery.

In the eight-episode series, a Los Angeles surgeon and nurse meet with and transform a handful of patients including a victim of domestic violence, correcting everything from acne damage to bullet scars. The stories are real, the people are real, and the transformations are real - and life changing.

Skin Decision isn't your typical before and after show. It's not just about the physical transformation of the featured patients, but about the mental transformation as well. For many of the people featured in the series, the reconstructive side of plastic surgery is tied heavily to traumas of the past. One patient is a recovering alcoholic, while another survived a horrific attack at the hands of her then-husband.

Skin Decision joins several other plastic surgery themed shows currently airing on American television, however those shows focus more on the cosmetic side of plastic surgery, and less on the reconstructive end. Current shows (Botched, and Dr. 90210, respectively) are also a bit more lighthearted and while often moving, do not delve as deeply into the emotions behind the surgeries as Skin Decision does.

The great news about Skin Decision is that it shows that plastic surgery isn't simply about vanity. Each of us has our own reasons for wanting plastic surgery. Whether it's to correct damage from an injury or to improve our self-esteem, each reason is valid and should be treated as such. Hopefully, with shows like Skin Decision debuting, more people will get to see the more raw, realistic side of cosmetic surgery, and all the wonderful benefits this branch of medicine can have.

"Skin Decision: Before and After" is available on Netflix right now. 

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