How to Choose A Plastic Surgeon

We are faced with many choices in our daily lives, some of which are more difficult to make than others. From tasks as simple as what to have for breakfast to deciding on where to live or work, we make choices of all sizes nearly every single day. But while some choices, such as what to watch on TV or when to go to bed may not make a huge impact on our daily lives, there is one choice that will have lasting effects on you and your health: the choice of plastic surgeon.

If you are considering a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure, who you choose to perform that procedure matters. But how do you know that you're in the very best hands when it comes to selecting a plastic surgeon? Here are some tips to help you decide which practitioner will best suit your individual surgical needs.

Do You Like Their Work?

The first place to start when selecting a plastic surgeon is to peruse their before and after photos and see if their work is in line with what you are looking to achieve. If you like what you see, and the results appear to be consistent, you can then research your surgeon further.

What Do They Specialize In?

What does your potential surgeon specialize in? Is he or she known for their rhinoplasties? Breast augmentation? If your surgeon has a niche procedure, that could be an indicator that they are the right practitioner for the job.

Are They Board Certified?

This is perhaps the most important question you should be asking when selecting a plastic surgeon. Board certification means your surgeon is up to date on their education and is a member of a board of their peers that keeps them not just educated, but accountable.

Are They Realistic?

A great plastic surgeon doesn't overpromise on results, and will give you a realistic idea of what you can expect your results to look like. While you may have an ideal image in mind, you may not be able to exactly mimic that image with your own results. Rather, you may get results that are closer to that ideal, but that are still 'you.'

Once you can answer the above questions, choosing your surgeon should be a lot easier. Remember, when in doubt, ask, and don't be shy about asking about board certifications, either! Your surgeon should be proud to be board certified and happy to share any information about that certification with you. 

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