Global Inspiration for Plastic Surgery Procedures


Here in the West, we have a long history of fascination with the beauty of other cultures. From the skincare secrets of seemingly ageless women to the dietary habits of others, Western culture always has an eye out for what is beautiful in other countries and cultures.

Recently, the media has taken note of the West's newest fascination with trends from around the globe. Here are just a few procedures inspired by women around the world, and how you can celebrate these cultures with your own procedures.

Fox Eyes

One of the newest trends in plastic surgery is the fox eye, which takes a more rounded eye and makes it almond shaped through eyebrow threading procedures or a brow lift. This can be akin to making 'cat eyes' with eyeliner, but in a more permanent way.

The important thing to remember when undergoing a procedure such as the fox eye is that it is a trend, and trends can sometimes go away, so before you request this procedure ask yourself if you will still be happy with your new look in five years if the trend in eye shape changes. Also, remember that for some this is a permanent eye shape, and not simply a trend, so it is important to appreciate the beauty in it.

The Brazillian Butt Lift

A full derriere has been made popular by pop culture icons like the Kardashian sisters, and by women around the world. In Brazil, a procedure was developed to add fat to the buttocks to help create the look of a fuller derriere for those of us who simply don't store fat in that area. This look is a celebration of the female shape, no matter the culture.

Fuller Lips

There are many ways to achieve bigger, fuller lips. There are dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid, or even using fat deposits from your own body. While celebrities like Angelina Jolie have acted as inspiration for this look for many years, there are cultures around the world where full lips are common and also deserve credit for this beautiful look.

To learn more about the global procedures available to you, contact Dr. Mitchell's office today. 

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