Can You Ever Have Too Much Botox?


 A question many people ask when it comes to cosmetic products such as Botox is "Is it possible to have too much Botox?" This isn't meant in an ironic way- it's often a source of confusion for some. Unfortunately, the answer can be yes- but it's complicated.

How much is too much Botox?

While it's up to the individual patient how much Botox is too much for their appearance, it is actually better left to your cosmetic surgeon to decide how much Botox is too much. First of all, because Botox alters your appearance, overdoing it can cause difficulties moving the face in a natural manner- or at all. This creates an unnatural, "frozen" looking face that many people fear.

How do you avoid overdoing Botox?

The good news is that there are ways to avoid that unnatural frozen appearance. Using Botox sparingly in each area you are having treated is the best solution to this problem, but exactly how much Botox to use is a decision that can only be made by a skilled, board-certified practitioner.

Why your Botox practitioner matters

You may have seen Botox available at places like your dentist, hair salon, or a med-spa. Though these places can be a convenient and cheaper alternative to using a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, they come with heavy risk.

First of all, your surgeon knows the musculature of the face better than an aesthetician, beautician, or dentist. This means they know where to inject the face with Botox without causing injury or unnatural facial movement. They also know the answer to the question "how much is too much Botox," and will use the correct amount to create a beautiful, youthful, natural look.

Why board certification matters

Board certification is a certification received by plastic surgeons who become accredited by a professional organization. It's not enough to simply perform plastic surgery procedures to earn board certification. Your surgeon must stay current on his or her education, taking regular classes to learn the latest techniques and procedures. This ensures you always get the highest quality procedure in the most skilled hands.

Ultimately, the answer to whether a person can receive too much Botox is yes, but this is unlikely in the hands of a trained, board-certified plastic surgeon.

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