All About Earlobe Rejuvenation


Do you have torn earlobes due to earring wear? Perhaps your piercing has become stretched over time due to the wearing of heavy earrings, or an injury to the earlobe due to a snag on clothing or another injury. Do you have a complete split or partial split? Or perhaps you have large, unsightly holes in your earlobes due to wearing trendy ear gauges that stretch the lobes. Whatever injury you may have to your earlobes, you don't have to live with the damage. There is a surgical option possible to help heal your earlobes and restore their natural appearance. Best of all, once fully healed, you can re-pierce your ears (however, re-gauging is not recommended) if desired.

The surgery is known as earlobe rejuvenation and repair, and Dr. Mitchell has performed many of them to rave reviews. Here's how they work.

Earlobe rejuvenation and repair can be performed on anyone, no matter their age. Though this procedure does repair the ear, it is still considered cosmetic in nature and is thus not covered by insurance. Still, patients find this procedure worth the investment, as it doesn't just repair the earlobe, it improves their self-confidence.

Earlobe rejuvenation is a relatively quick procedure. For a simple tear, Dr. Mitchell can perform a repair in approximately 15 minutes. For more complex repairs such as those from wearing gauges, patients can expect the procedure to take approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

The healing process for earlobe rejuvenation is relatively simple. Patients will need to apply topical anesthetic to their earlobes three times a day and keep the ears clean with hydrogen peroxide. Patients may shower the day after their procedure and must pat the ears dry. Do not rub or scratch your earlobes.

Stitches are held together with sutures which must remain in place for seven days. Furthermore, Dr. Mitchell does not recommend swimming for at least two weeks following the procedure, and he suggests you limit sun exposure while your ears are healing.

For those seeking to re-pierce their ears, Dr. Mitchell recommends waiting at least six weeks and making sure the piercing is not located along the nearly-invisible scar left behind from the surgery.

To learn more about earlobe rejuvenation and repair, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Mitchell today. 

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