2020’s Most Popular Surgical Procedures Revealed


 With 2020 officially over, new data about the year's most popular plastic surgery procedures has been released, and some of it may surprise you. Each year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases this data, showing which procedures increased and which declined during the previous calendar year.

While 2020 was heavily impacted by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the country, there were still many procedures performed. You may have heard about the "Zoom boom," or increase in facial cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance during webcam-based meetings. Botox and fillers held the biggest increase in popularity overall, but believe it or not, the biggest increase in body procedures came in the form of the Brazillian Butt Lift, or the BBL. In fact, the installation of buttock implants increased by 22 percent, increasing from 970 to 1179 over the previous year (2019).

So, what motivated this increase in buttock implants? Experts are calling it "secretary spread" or the increase in sitting and lack of exercise that many of us have experienced working from home and facing closures of gym facilities.

Furthermore, with many people able to work from home, procedures such as the Brazlillian butt lift are easier to recover from without anyone noticing a dramatic change, and without having to take extra time out of work for a recovery.

Other procedures that experienced increases over the previous year included breast implant removals, which increased by eight percent over the previous year. Experts believe this is due to implants having a life expectancy of about 20 years, and women having the time to recuperate from implant removal surgery while working from home.

Procedures that were down included hair transplants, which surprisingly dropped by 60 percent. Experts believe this may be due to a decline in turnkey operations, however hair transplants could very well come back as more offices reopen and people begin to feel safe visiting clinics again. It will be interesting to see which procedures will be popular this year with many of us returning to offices due to lifted restrictions and vaccine availability.

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