AI Provides Surprisingly Accurate Answers to Plastic Surgery Questions


If you pay any attention to technology news, you've probably heard a lot about the proliferation of artificial intelligence, or AI. Artificial intelligence has been used for years for education and entertainment purposes, but thanks to new programs like ChatGPT, it has become more accessible to the average person. In fact, just about anyone can reg...

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2024 Plastic Surgery Trends


Happy New Year! With 2024 here and the world taking a renewed look at improving their lives, we're expecting plenty of new plastic surgery trends on the horizon. While many of the most common procedures (rhinoplasty, breast augmentation) will remain popular in 2024, there are some new trends to look forward to in 2024 that you may not have known ab...

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More Brides And Grooms Turning To Prenuptial Plastic Surgery


Here comes the bride -and groom- into your local plastic surgery clinic! While many people associate fancy attire and updos with wedding day preparation, a growing number of people are opting for plastic surgery procedures before their big day. It makes sense: your wedding day is all about you. From the ceremony to the reception, the bride and groo...

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More Men Seeking Jaw Implants


Do you want to look stronger, bolder, and more youthful? If you're like a growing list of men, the answer to that question is a resounding yes- at least when it comes to plastic surgery clinics. That's because a growing trend in plastic surgery that will carry forward into 2024 is jaw implant surgery. Jaw implants add a more chiseled, streamlined l...

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Combatting Ozempic Face

Losing weight can be difficult for some people. At the same time, conventional wisdom tells us that "diet and exercise" are the keys to losing weight and keeping it off; even regular exercise and a proper diet aren't enough for some people. Enter weight loss drugs like semaglutide. These drugs, which go under names like Ozempic or Wegovy, are the n...

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The Rise Of The Ponytail Facelift

Do you know that look your face gets when you securely fasten your hair into a high ponytail? Everything is pulled back and feels tighter but without a dramatic difference from when your hair is down. Well, that ponytail feeling is becoming the trend in facelifts with the ponytail facelift! The ponytail facelift works by uplifting the deep layers o...

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3 Steps To The Perfect Pout

 Lip fillers made of hyaluronic acid have grown tremendously in popularity over the past few decades. In fact, in 2017, lip filler procedures rose 312 percent from the year 2000! Today, lip fillers remain a popular procedure. Lip fillers add size and volume to your lips and smooth out some wrinkles and fine lines. Lip fillers can even fix asym...

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Are Celebrity Surgeons Worth It?

There are some brands that everybody knows, such as Louis Vuitton. Coca Cola. BMW. Generally, when we know a brand by name or logo, it's perceived as better. After all, it wouldn't have that name or logo recognition if it were unreliable or dangerous, right? While that is sometimes the case with certain products, that doesn't necessarily hold true ...

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What Is A Baby Rhinoplasty?


Plastic surgery trends can be all over the place. From dramatic changes to something more subtle, your plastic surgery outcome can be nearly anything you desire. Lately, a push for more natural-looking surgery has become very popular. With many patients opting to look like themselves, only better, instead of, say, a model or actress. The desire for...

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What Is A Blepharoplasty?


If you pay any attention to social media, you may have noticed that America's number two plastic surgery procedure is gaining major traction again. It's called a blepharoplasty, designed to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of your eyelids. If you haven't heard the term blepharoplasty before, you may know the procedure by its common name, an "e...

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What is Skin Pinch Surgery?


As we age, our skin changes. Whether it's brown spots from sun damage, broken capillaries, fine lines, wrinkles, or 'crepey' skin, your face can sometimes reveal more than you want it to. Thankfully, there are many procedures to correct these common signs of aging. From laser treatments to injectables to facial surgeries, there are myriad ways to t...

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Aftercare For Blepharoplasty


If you plan to undergo a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) with Dr. Mitchell, congratulations! Soon, you'll be enjoying the results of your beautiful new look. But to get the best results from your surgery, you must follow the aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Mitchell. These instructions will help you alleviate pain, reduce swelling, and lessen...

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Should Celebrities Disclose Their Plastic Surgery?


Ever since it became a thing, celebrities have been getting plastic surgery. In fact, it was around way before the first movies were ever made. But plastic surgery hasn't always been popular, or even accepted. In decades past, finding out your favorite model or movie star had "work done" was a bit of a scandal. But times have changed, thankfully. T...

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Is Social Media Encouraging Your Teen To Want Plastic Surgery?


For millions of young women who use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, the pressure to look like influencers and celebrities is disproportionately high. In fact, a recent study out of Australia and published in the Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science found that social media causes some young women to be "extremely self...

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What Is Barbie Botox?


For many of us, looking slimmer is a major goal. But it can sometimes be difficult to lose weight or appear slimmer in certain areas of the body. Stubborn fat deposits on the stomach, arms, and thighs can still linger no matter how slim we are, or how much we diet and work out. This can be extremely frustrating, and can reduce our confidence and se...

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Plastic Surgery After Rapid Weight Loss


If you've been on a weight loss journey, congratulations! Getting your body to a healthy weight doesn't just make you look better, it can make you feel better, too. From improved self-esteem to improved overall health, the benefits of being a healthy weight are multifold. There are many methods you can try to lose weight. From diet and exercise to ...

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Do Your Plastic Surgery Homework


When it comes to life's big changes, it's important to do your homework. You wouldn't buy a house without an inspection, or a car without a test drive, so why would you undergo a plastic surgery procedure without knowing everything you can ahead of time? Thankfully, there are many resources out there for researching your procedure before the fact, ...

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What Is The TrapTox Trend?


You may have heard of Botox injections being used for some interesting purposes. While the cosmetic injectable is best known for its impeccable results when smoothing out the lines and wrinkles of the face, it has also gained FDA approval for uses such as reducing sweat. It seems however that for every approved use, there's an unapproved, off-label...

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The Rise In Injectable Use In Young Adults


Botox has been a popular option for patients looking to reduce the signs of facial aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and more. The injectable cosmetic works by freezing the muscles which cause wrinkles to form, smoothing them out temporarily. The average Botox treatment lasts anywhere from three to six months, and must be repeated ...

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Are TikTok Filters Accurate?


Global video social media phenomenon TikTok is making headlines again. Since 2016, TikTok has captivated the attention of millions of viewers around the world with its interactive short-form videos that range from fun to absurd. TikTok is now available in 160 countries, with 1.1 billion registered users. To say the social network is popular is defi...

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