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Artefill. The only FDA approved Permanent Filler.

Dermal Fillers are very popular means to rejuvenate a volume-depleted face or to enhance certain facial features such as the lips or cheekbones.  In the last 10-15 years, the number of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the US has grown exponentially.  Millions of dermal filler injections are performed each year in the US alone.  Today there are many excellent dermal fillers on the market, each with unique characteristics.  As the popularity of minimally invasive procedures continues to grow, new dermal fillers are being developed and approved by the FDA relatively regularly.  While there are many factors to consider in order to determine which filler may be best for an individuals needs, most patients want to know how long a filler is going to last in their face once injected.  Fillers are commonly classified as either being temporary, semi-permanent or permanent.  The hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm are considered temporary.  Hyaluronic acid fillers are most commonly used; work beautifully for their intended purposes but last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the filler used and the location of injection.  Temporary fillers require repeated injections in order to maintain the desired result.  Radiesse (calcium hydroxylapatite) and Sculptra (Poly-L-lactic acid) are commonly considered semi permanent fillers but typically last 18-24 months and they do reabsorb with time.

Artefill (Polymethacrylate) is the only FDA approved permanent (Non-absorbable) filler on the US market today.  This gives Artefill a dramatic benefit over other fillers in that it never reabsorbs. Artefill is unique because it contains microspheres that are not absorbed by the body and create a support matrix for enduring wrinkle correction by working together with your body’s own collagen.  The microspheres are made of polymethacrylate (PMMA), which is one of the most widely used biocompatible synthetic materials.  PMMA has a proven safety record in over 60 years of clinical use.  The safety profile for Artefill is similar to temporary fillers. Artefill is FDA approved for use in the nasolabial folds (smile lines).  It is used successfully in other areas of the face (such as the cheeks) but is considered off label if not injected into the nasolabial folds.  Using Artefill allows for progressive facial enhancement.  In other words, because the initially injected Artefill will not dissipate, you can have additional Artefill injected at a later time if desired for additional correction.  With Artefill you will experience:  Immediate, visible wrinkle correction; volume restoration in deflated facial regions; a natural feel; fewer injections; filler that is simple, safe and effective.


I have been injecting Artefill regularly for three years.  In my hands and with my experience, I find Artefill to be an excellent dermal filler in appropriately selected patients.  Surprisingly there are few physicians injecting Artefill in the Las Vegas area.  There are two reasons for this lack of use.  First, I believe that many injectors feel they will lose business by injecting permanent filler into their regular patients when they would rather repeat temporary injections every 6-12 months.  Second, because Artefill is permanent, if the Artefill is not injected correctly or if it somehow becomes malpositioned, or the patient is not satisfied with the filler, it could and likely will be difficult to remove. 


To date, I have not had a single case of poorly positioned product.  I have not been asked to remove it from any of my patients (greater than 100 injections) nor have I seen any granuloma formations.  My patients and I have been quite satisfied with the results.  I had one unsatisfied patient but it was not from poorly placed Artefill but instead, she required more product.  I may have not counseled her well enough on the possibility of needing more product than we injected in order to satisfy her expectations.


In conclusion, I find Artefill to be an excellent dermal filler in appropriately selected patients.  The cosmetic outcome from my use of this product has been satisfactory.  Although the initial cost for Artefill is more than the majority of temporary fillers, ultimately patients will save time and money as repeated injections of temporary fillers over time would not be necessary.  If you have been using temporary fillers in the past and you are happy with the results or if you have considered facial volume rejuvenation, Artefill may be right for you.


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