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Brow and Forehead Lifts Smooth Lines Appropriately


Posted by Ryan on Wednesday, 15 April 2015 in Upper Face

Facial lines have a substantial impact on your expressions.  A few facial lines give you animation and character.   But, when some people see facial lines too prominently, they feel as if they are looking old.  And, then of course, there is the look of having too much work done where a person has no perceptible facial lines.   For my patients, I try to focus them on what would be their best possible result for a natural look.  

Facial lines in the upper face can become more pronounced over time and with age.  The result can be deeper folds and wrinkles, drooping brows and sagging eyebrows.  Because this part of the face is so visible, with the eyes as a focus, brow and forehead lifts are common procedures.  Most patients for brow and facelift procedures are between 40-60 years of age.

A brow and forehead lift can be accomplished in an open procedure or with a less invasive endoscopy.   In the brow and forehead lift surgery, I remove or move skin, muscle or both appropriately smoothing the forehead.  As part of the procedure, the eyebrows are lifted and positioned for a more youthful appearance.  If it helps the patient’s overall aesthetics, the hairline can be repositioned as well.

Both men and women have brow and forehead lifts so it’s important for a surgeon to help the patient realize a completely customized outcome for the surgery.  Brow and forehead lifts are not one-size-fits all and it’s important to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon.  Do you have questions about how you might benefit from a brow and forehead lift?  Contact me today for a consultation and we can talk about it.


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