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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_290399447.jpgIt used to be that when people thought about plastic surgery, they considered it a luxury reserved for those in the very top tiers of society, such as celebrities and socialites. Today, thanks to lower prices and more surgeons, plastic surgery has become more accessible to the middle class, and though it is still often thought of as a luxury, an increasing number of Americans have undergone plastic surgery procedures.

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What Are the Most Requested Celebrity Faces?

In a society that is seemingly obsessed with celebrity culture, the desire to look more like a specific celebrity is surprisingly, perfectly healthy. After all, who wouldn’t want to share features with an extremely beautiful person? But did you know that in addition to being a totally normal behavior, for patients seeking plastic surgery, paying attention to celebrity features can actually be very useful in identifying what you do and do not want to change with your own features? If you’ve ever caught yourself staring at a magazine or television show, wishing you had Angelina’s lips or Kerry Washington’s cheekbones, you’re not alone.

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Fat transfer is growing in popularity as a way of adding youthful volume to the face.  Typically performed on the mid-face, cheeks or around the nose and mouth where lines commonly occur, fat transfers can now be included as an added feature that lengthens the results.  Autologous fat stem cell transfer is the answer to longer lasting results for fat transfer patients.

Typically in a fat transfer procedure, as much as 40% of the fat cells transferred do not survive.  The transferred cells die and are reabsorbed safely by the body.  Adult stem cells added to the fat transfer drastically improve the survival rate of transferred fat cells. The stem cells build new pathways for blood to reach the transferred fat, increasing its chance of survival.  In addition, the adult stem cells turn into fat cells further adding to the volumizing effect of the transfer.

Adult stem cells are found in high concentration in fat, particularly abdominal fat.  In a fat transfer procedure, adding adult stem cells to the transferred fat can mean receiving the desired result after only one treatment.  As we have seen better results from autologous fat transfer, processes have improved to maximize the addition of adult stem cells.  In a leading edge procedure, fat is removed from the patient and sent to an outside processing facility.   Once there, a process to isolate and remove the maximum amount of adult stem cells is performed.  Those adult stem cells then are added back to the patient’s fat to enrich the transfer.  This more viable fat transfer is more effective in becoming a permanent result.

If you have questions about reducing wrinkles with fat transfer or about how autologous fat transfer works, please contact us today at 702-430-1198. 

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