Which Skincare Products Should I Use?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_297804983.jpgIn our office we're often asked if the Zo Skin Health line is really better than less expensive skin care lines you can get at the pharmacy or department stores. Do you remember those shampoo commercials from the 1990s and 2000s with the two women side by side? One woman used "salon brand" shampoo while the other supposedly used a bargain brand shampoo. Both women’s hair looked great, and the commercial’s tagline and moral of the story was "If you can’t tell the difference, why should we?" 


Well, that may work for shampoo, but in the world of skin care, you simply cannot get the same results from a lower-quality, discount-store brand as you might with the more expensive lines that are sold exclusively in surgical practices. The reason is the ingredients.

The product line we recommend for all patients looking to protect their skin and reveal a more youthful, healthy glow are the Zo Skin Health products. The Zo line was formulated by dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, M.D., who is the founder of the once popular and extremely successful Obagi line. Unfortunately, after Dr. Obagi sold off the line, the original Obagi formulation changed. Thankfully, Dr. Obagi heard his patients’ concerns and replaced the Obagi line with a new line, Zo Skin Health. In fact, today’s Zo line is even better than the original Obagi line, because it has evolved with new advances in skin care science.

So, why are product lines like Zo Skin Health only available through medical practices, and not at the store? This is because product lines like Zo Skin Health use medical-grade ingredients that cannot be sold at retail stores. Though they are not prescription, using this type of product without medical supervision could cause anything from serious skin irritation to a huge waste of money. After all, why pay to treat a problem you don’t have, or use the wrong product to treat a problem you do have? Offering these products directly through a medical practitioner allows us to help patients select only the products they need for the issues they have. It also allows us to show our patients the proper use for each product to get the most benefit from it.

So, what about those expensive creams at luxury retailers? Remember those shampoo commercials? Just because an item is expensive doesn’t mean it’s better quality. Yes, you can get some high-cost, high-quality skin care products at department stores, but you can just as easily buy products that simply aren’t worth the money. Worse still, how do you really know if those products will work for you, if you’re using them properly, or if they will cause an adverse reaction with another product you use or a procedure you are having? When you buy from a department store, your sources of information are a commissioned salesperson whose main goal is to sell you products or a customer service number that may or may not have the answers you’re looking for.

If you are looking for a new line of skin care products that will not only address your current skin care needs, but that can also be used safely and effectively with any of the treatments you receive in Dr. Mitchell’s practice, please give us a call at 702-430-1198. We will be happy to discuss the Zo Skin Health line with you.

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