What Are the Most Requested Celebrity Faces?

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In a society that is seemingly obsessed with celebrity culture, the desire to look more like a specific celebrity is surprisingly, perfectly healthy. After all, who wouldn’t want to share features with an extremely beautiful person? But did you know that in addition to being a totally normal behavior, for patients seeking plastic surgery, paying attention to celebrity features can actually be very useful in identifying what you do and do not want to change with your own features? If you’ve ever caught yourself staring at a magazine or television show, wishing you had Angelina’s lips or Kerry Washington’s cheekbones, you’re not alone.


Each year, patients around the US seek the assistance of plastic surgeons, armed with photos of their favorite actors, musicians, and models for inspiration. This practice is not only extremely common, but it’s also extremely useful to your surgeon, too. In addition to helping your surgeon identify current trends in the beauty world, your facial or body inspiration also helps your surgeon use those trends to improve the options for other patients who may not know how exactly to voice which changes they are seeking. For example, when a lot of people come in requesting a specific celebrity’s nose, your surgeon gets better at recreating that look. He can turn to the next patient who isn’t sure what he or she wants and say "a lot of patients like this look," which could help inspire the patient to narrow their focus.

With the rise in popularity of male plastic surgery, more male patients are requesting to look like celebrities, too. In fact, a recently compiled list of trends is showing surgeons exactly what faces men admire, and which features they wish to change on their own faces. Topping this year’s list of most popular male faces is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, whose overall face, and more specifically his cheekbones, are in high demand among male patients. Not surprisingly, the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure among men is a cheek lift.  Other male favorites include Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson’s strong jawline, and other features from actors Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and John Hamm, as well as male supermodels Sean O’Pry and Tyson Beckford.

For women, the most popular celebrity features trending this year include Angelina Jolie’s lips, Mila Kunis’s eyes, Miranda Kerr’s nose, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’s brows, and Megan Fox’s chin. Another common female request? Kim Kardashian’s behind.

But while many people visit their plastic surgeon requesting to look like the natural version of their famous celebs, another trend that is growing in popularity right now is the request for the same surgical procedures or results as popular celebrities. To use another Kardashian sibling as an example, many women request Kylie Jenner’s enhanced lips, knowing full well that Jenner’s lip size is due to fillers. Perennial surgery requests include Jennifer Aniston’s post-rhinoplasty nose, Mariah Carey’s more realistic looking breast implants, and Greta Van Susteren’s face and eye lift.

As long as patients understand they’re not going to wake up from surgery and be twins with Megan Fox or whichever celebrity’s features they’re trying to emulate, there’s no harm in using celebrities as surgical influences. After all, while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, it can also be the best source of inspiration, too.

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