Tie Tucks the Hot New Trend in Male Plastic Surgery

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Studies have shown that one of the biggest indicators of attractiveness in men is a strong, square jawline. According to psychologist Dr. Kang Lee of the University of Toronto, this is because the human eye is drawn to mathematically average, symmetrical faces. So, what’s a guy to do when as he ages his jaw begins to appear less chiseled, and more on the jowly side?  The answer many men are turning to is a combination of procedures known as the ‘tie tuck,’ which specifically address those sagging pockets of fat that hang from the jaw and chin.

According to Dr. Ryan Mitchell, of Henderson, Nevada, as we age, the fat pads in our cheeks begin to lose support, and slowly slide down the face to the jaw.

"This creates the illusion of a weaker chin and jaw, because the bone structure is hidden behind these fat pockets," Mitchell said.  

But now, a concerted combination of procedures designed to firm up the skin along the jawline is growing in popularity in Hollywood and around the United States, and it’s making a substantial difference in how many men see themselves.

Dubbed the ‘tie tuck,’ because of the chin and jaw’s proximity to where men tie a necktie, the procedure involves many different procedures working together to tighten the skin and eliminate the fat pads along the jaw.

"A tie tuck can be comprised of a combination of fillers like Kybella and Radiesse, along with the use of products like Botox or Dysport," Mitchell said. "I have also heard of some procedures adding in elements such as radio frequency therapy, or even a non-invasive lift procedure called Ultherapy." 

According to Mitchell, if those options don’t work, patients may consider a more detailed procedure like a dissolvable thread lift, liposuction, a lower face lift, or even a neck lift.

"Tie tucks can bring back that firm, strong jawline that is considered so attractive in men, and the best part is much of the time it can be done in the office, and with minimal invasiveness,; Mitchell said. 

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