The Greater Las Vegas Area is a Plastic Surgery Travel Destination

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You’ve probably heard that salacious marketing motto, ‘What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.’ Coined in 2003 as part of a Las Vegas tourism campaign, the phrase (and campaign) took off like wildfire, creating some of the most memorable commercials in recent history- and inspiring everything from songs to major motion pictures. Designed to invoke feelings of both freedom from inhibition, to privacy in the form of an unspoken brotherhood-like ‘code,’ that everyone in the area knows and abides by. So it’s not surprising at all that people around the world are flocking to the greater Las Vegas area, and to Mitchell Plastic Surgery, for their plastic surgery procedures.


Destination plastic surgery, or surgery vacations, are not a new concept. For years we’ve been hearing about patients booking travel to foreign countries for "cheap" or "affordable" plastic surgery procedures. These controversial trips have been long-discouraged by board-certified doctors and federal agencies for decades. Leaving the US for surgery poses significant risks- especially if the practitioner performing the surgery is not board-certified, or worse. Many travel surgery horror stories have ended with patients learning post-surgery that their surgeon wasn’t even a licensed doctor- usually, after something has gone horribly wrong. Botched surgeries can cause everything from severe infection to permanent scarring, disfigurement, and in some cases, even death of the patient. So, it’s no wonder that the trend of domestic, board-certified, destination surgery is on the incline.

The Greater-Las Vegas area boasts many benefits for booking your destination surgery. For example, our high concentration of board-certified plastic surgeon offers several benefits to the patient. First, because there is so much competition, prices and package deals designed to save you money over local competitors are everywhere. Furthermore, with so many surgeons to choose from, you have the freedom to choose someone who specializes in the specific procedure you’re considering. Another way the patient benefits from the friendly competition between surgeons is the need for surgeons to stay on the ‘cutting edge’ of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. In order to stay competitive, your surgeon must keep adding new procedures, products, and techniques to his portfolio- or risk losing patients to someone down the street who knows more or offers more.

Another benefit to booking a Vegas-area surgery? The entertainment factor. Before and after your surgery, the greater Las Vegas area has no shortage of fun things to do! From casinos to theater, concerts, amusement parks, five-star restaurants and shopping, there’s no way to be bored. For those who aren’t feeling much like getting out, our world-class hotels offer endless amenities and professional, highly-trained staff who can get you whatever you need while you recuperate in your suite.  Whether you choose to venture out of your room, destination surgery patients also benefit from the anonymity of the "What happens in Vegas..." culture. Which means when you walk down the street still bearing bandages or swelling from a recent surgery, the odds of bumping into someone you know from back home are very slim- and in the off chance you are recognized, hopefully your acquaintance honors the code!

Patients traveling to the Henderson, NV area for surgery have an added benefit over those who go into the heart of metropolitan Las Vegas, too.  Smaller and less crowded than Las Vegas, Henderson boasts its own shopping, dining, hotels, casinos, and theater, without the cost of staying in the heart of Downtown Vegas or the Vegas Strip.  Due to our smaller size, we’ve got a lot less traffic, and costs are lower. With frequent flight and hotel deals to Vegas from most major airports around the US and the world, you can often book your surgery or follow-up travel for less than many non-surgical vacations elsewhere.

Ultimately, the best thing about choosing the Greater Las Vegas area for your plastic surgery vacation procedure is that you get all the benefits of traveling abroad for surgery- but with a licensed surgeon with verifiable credentials and certifications.  This means you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands- because the last thing you need when recovering from a major surgical procedure, is to be stressed out about competence and certifications of your surgeon. Ready to book your own travel procedure? Give Mitchell Plastic Surgery a call at 702-430-1198.

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