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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_142266430.jpgIf you’ve ever wondered exactly what goes on during a breast augmentation, you now have a chance to watch a live recording of the procedure, courtesy of popular beauty blogger Ashley Devonna. Devonna, a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, recently made headlines when she decided to livestream her breast augmentation surgery on her Facebook page for her thousands of followers.


In addition to the live videos Devonna streamed during her actual procedure, she has since posted a video with footage documenting her feelings on her way to the procedure, getting her anesthesia, and even an update on how she was feeling 24 hours after her procedure.

Dr. Ryan Mitchell of Henderson, Nevada, did not treat Devonna but says Devonna’s willingness to share her surgery and the emotions she experienced before and after the procedure are admirable.

"Many women go into breast augmentation not sure what to expect," he says. "Being able to see a real person go through it will hopefully help adjust their expectations and calm their nerves."

In her August 19, 2017, video titled "Boob Vlog #2 | Surgery Day, 24 Hour Recovery, Outcome," Devonna appears comfortable and pleased with the outcome of her surgery in a clip taken just 24 hours after her augmentation. At the end of the video, she is seen leaving to go to dinner with a friend, something that Mitchell says isn’t typical, but isn’t impossible, either.

"While I wouldn’t expect most women to go out to dinner 24 hours after their breast augmentation, this just goes to show that the pain following the procedure is fairly manageable and doesn’t need to interfere with your life," he says. "When we say it has a fast recovery period, we mean it. Most patients can return to work within a few days of their procedure."

Mitchell also believes it was helpful for Devonna to include a scene with her father expressing his concerns about the surgery as he drove her to the procedure.

"Anxiety surrounding a plastic surgery procedure is very normal," says Mitchell. "Even for the patient’s parents, spouses and children. Keeping an open dialogue between everyone can really help ease a lot of that stress, and hopefully videos like this will help everyone involved understand that their feelings are normal, but in the end it’s really not that scary of a procedure."

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