Can Plastic Surgery Help You Land Your Dream Job?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_facelift.jpgBrand new suit? Check! Minty fresh breath? Check! Mini face lift? Wait, what? If you’re one of the nearly 2 million students graduating from college this spring, it may be time to start interviewing for your first full-time job. But while a stack of freshly printed resumes and a professional outfit should be at the top of your interview checklist, according to an article by King Malleta on the news site Nextshark some new graduates in China are taking the adage, dress for the job that you want to new heights and undergoing plastic surgery procedures to help them gain an edge in the job market. In fact, cosmetic and surgical procedures are up 200% this year among new grads in China.

So, should you consider plastic surgery to help ace your next interview?  Here are some key factors to consider before hiring or firing your current look.

  • Do I really want a new look? 
    It’s no secret that youth is valued in many cultures. If you’re concerned that a few brow creases might make you seem older than you are and hurt your chances over other applicants, Botox is a safe, temporary, and effective way to smooth out the appearance of those furrows and project a more youthful and energetic appearance at interviews. But make sure you’re truly comfortable with undergoing your chosen procedure, and that you are prepared for the changes in your face after you’ve healed.

  • Do I have time for this? 
    Cosmetic procedures like Botox can be done in under an hour, with most swelling going down within a week or two after injection. If you decide to get Botox, make sure you have adequate time to heal before scheduling a job interview. For surgical procedures, you should allow several months between your procedure and interviews. A mini facelift can take 6 to 12 months to heal completely, and scars may still be very visible even 3 to 6 months after your procedure. If you're in a hurry to find employment after graduation, you may want to consider scheduling your appointment for the summer before you graduate if possible.

  • Am I getting this procedure from the right reason? If you’re a recent college grad, chances are you know how to do your research. Just like your final exams, acing plastic surgery requires some studying. Make sure you know what procedures you want, and make sure you are selecting a board certified surgeon who is qualified to perform it. Don’t choose a back-office Botox procedure with a cosmetologist, or a discount surgeon who is operating without a license or from a hotel room. Sure, you may save a little bit of money, but the consequences can leave you permanently disfigured, or worse.

  • Can I afford to do this? 
    If you’re graduating from college, you may not have a lot of extra money at your disposal, especially if you haven’t had a full-time job yet. Make sure when you consider a procedure that you remember that you will still need to pay the bill. Many financing options are available, but without a job to pay them back, you likely will not be approved for credit, and if you are, you don’t want to max out your new salary paying tons of interest on a loan. Bottom line, make sure you can afford to pay for your procedure before you do it!

  • Am I doing this for the right reasons? If you’ve never considered plastic surgery before but suddenly feel compelled to get it to keep up with your fellow graduates, you may want to reconsider rushing out and changing your appearance. Permanent changes to your face should be considered carefully and should not be made to one up or keep up with someone else. This can have disastrous consequences if you aren’t fully comfortable with making permanent changes to your appearance.

Getting a little post-graduation pick me up procedure is an effective way to boost your job searching confidence and put your best face forward in the interviewing process, if you do it the right way. If you’re interested in learning more about what your surgical and cosmetic options are, and how much you can expect to invest, give Dr. Ryan Mitchell’s office at call today at 702-430-1198.

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