A New Trend in Liposuction Is Reducing Body Fat from a Surprising Place

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If you pay attention to cosmetic and plastic surgery trends in magazines and celebrity gossip shows, you may already be aware of some of the new plastic surgery procedures making headlines. From lip fillers to Brazilian butt Lifts, there are seemingly endless ways to get the results you desire by going under the knife. But now, a new trend in cosmetic surgery is making headlines, and it’s being used to treat an area you may not have even thought about before: your back. Dubbed "bra bulge" liposuction, surgeons are seeing an increase in women looking to have fat deposits removed from the area of their upper back where their bra-band sits.


While bra-bulge liposuction may seem unconventional, as Dr. Ryan Mitchell of Henderson, Nevada explains, it’s not as unbelievable as you might think.

"Women seeking bra-bulge liposuction aren’t simply looking to have back fat removed, they are trying to remove the pockets of body fat that cause the appearance of lumpiness along the back of their bra line," he said. "In some cases, you may not even realize you have body fat on that part of your back until you put on your bra."

So, why would someone be concerned about how their back looks with their bra on? After all, it’s not like anyone will see that part of your back with your clothing on, or can they?

"A big part of the problem with bra bulge is that very often you can see the lumps and bumps in the skin caused by a bra or swimsuit, even under clothing," said Mitchell. "You’ve probably heard of the term muffin top before. Bra bulge is kind of like a muffin top, but instead of the muffin top sitting at the waistline, it’s up at the bra line."

Making bra bulge even more difficult to correct is that it can happen to anyone. Even the fittest woman can experience a little extra lumpiness on her back, due to the way most bras are designed.

"Bra bulge liposuction aims to eliminate as much of that bulge as possible, for a streamlined back that looks just as good clothed as it does in a swimsuit," said Mitchell. 

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