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Which Breast Is Best?

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_714361729.jpgChoosing to get breast implants can be a life-changing decision, but once you’ve made the decision to get them, many patients simply don’t know what to do next. Should you get saline? Silicone? "Gummy bear"? What size? And what if the implants are too small once they’re in - or too big? There are so many questions, but there’s no need to stress! Here’s a helpful guide to assist you in your breast implant decision-making process.


Silicone, Saline or ‘Gummy Bear’ Implants?

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when you decide to get implants is what type of implant you want. While many surgeons have preferences that they like to work with, all surgeons will give you an honest opinion about which type of implant will work best with your lifestyle.

Saline implants are considered by many to be the safest type of implant, because upon accidental rupturing they will release saltwater into the body, which is absorbed safely. The implant will still need to be removed and likely replaced, but the patient should not suffer any side effects due to the fluid itself.

Silicone implants are generally considered more durable, and look and feel more natural than other implant options. If accidentally ruptured, silicone implants will leak slowly. Unfortunately, it can take years to notice a leaking silicone implant, which can allow silicone to leak into the blood stream and cause complications. Thankfully, ruptures are rare.

"Gummy bear," or form-stable, implants are the newest implants available. Nicknamed "gummy bears" for their gummy, gel-like texture, these implants hold their shape better and are firmer than other implants. The downside to gummy bears is that due to their texture, they can shift awkwardly, and their rough textured outsides have recently been found to cause an increased risk for a rare form of breast cancer.

Which implant type you choose depends on many things, such as your lifestyle and the look you are trying to achieve with the implants. Active women may want to choose something that moves more naturally with the body, like silicone or saline, and may choose to place the implant differently depending on muscle tone. Speak with Dr. Mitchell about your lifestyle for the best choice for you.

Implant Size

Choosing the size of your breast implants can be a difficult decision. Going too small can leave you with as much regret as going too big. So, how do you know which size is best? Again, it's important to consider your lifestyle. Are you active or athletic? You may want to stay on the smaller size to minimize any discomfort during physical activity. If you have a small or athletic frame, smaller implants may look more natural, too. Are you planning on having children or having more children? Would you like to breastfeed your baby at some point? These are also factors to consider when choosing the size, shape and placement of your implants. 

Don’t let yourself get caught up in cup size or the number of CCs of fluid in your implant. Focus on what looks and feels natural and what will work best with the look you’re trying to achieve. Don’t be afraid to "try on" the implants and feel each one to see which feels most comfortable and natural to you. And above all else, never be afraid to ask your surgeon any questions you may have regarding the implants, surgery, recovery or maintenance.

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