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What to Expect from a Butt-Lift

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_74507461.jpgIt’s safe to say that big behinds are having their moment in the spotlight these days. With celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj stealing headlines left and right, all eyes are on them - and their curves. So, it’s not surprising that across America, women are flocking to plastic surgeons’ offices for silicone butt implants and Brazilian Butt-Lifts. But many patients don’t realize that these procedures come with a lot of different risks, as well as pluses and minuses. We asked Henderson, Nevada, plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Mitchell what patients should know before they head to a plastic surgeon to pump up their posterior.


"There are two main methods for achieving a butt-lift: silicone implants or the Brazilian Butt-Lift, which is a fat-grafting procedure," says Mitchell. "The surgeon removes the fat from one area of your body - usually the abdomen, hips or thighs - and implants that fat into your buttocks to give them more volume."

Mitchell says that while both procedures have their pros and cons, the Brazilian is generally better tolerated because it uses the body’s own fat.

"There’s nothing for the body to reject, because the fat is already part of your body. Plus you get a nice liposuction procedure while you’re at it," he says with a laugh.

For those who don’t have enough body fat for the Brazilian Butt-Lift procedure, Mitchell says silicone implants, similar to those used in breast augmentations, are the gold standard. But he also cautions that placement is key.

"If you have implants put in, you need to be absolutely certain they’re being placed somewhere that will be comfortable five or 10 years down the road," says Mitchell. "Placing them on top of the muscle usually leads to disappointment down the road because they tend to droop over time. Under the muscle will be more painful to recover from, but it produces much better results."

Either way, Mitchell says recovery from a butt-lift procedure can be a challenge.

"It's harder to get comfortable with this procedure than it might be for, say, breast augmentation," says Mitchell. "With breast augmentation you can sit down and relax. With a butt-lift you may feel more comfortable lying on your stomach, which may not actually be all that comfortable. It’s not always a fun recovery, but the results are worth it."

Mitchell says the most important thing to remember when undergoing a butt-lift of any kind is that you should always use a board-certified plastic surgeon.

"Don’t try to cut corners by using some back-alley plastic surgeon who isn’t accredited," he says. "There have been several cases recently where women have tried to save a few dollars by using a discount surgeon who put silicone injections into their backsides, and it ended up taking their lives. Never let anyone tell you it's OK to inject silicone directly into the buttocks."

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