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Pregnancy and Cosmetic Procedures

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_527745967.jpgWhen headlines recently alleged that celebrity Kylie Jenner may be pregnant, many wondered if the reality star would continue to get her signature lip fillers during pregnancy. In recent years, Jenner has become equally as well known for her allegedly cosmetically enhanced physique as she has for her reality show. But what many people may not realize is that cosmetic treatments like lip fillers and Botox aren’t safe for pregnant women - and no reputable doctor will perform them on a pregnant patient.

Why? Because there have been no studies proving the effects of Botox or fillers on an unborn child. While there have been cases of women getting these procedures without knowing they are pregnant and going on to deliver healthy babies, there is no guarantee that this will be true for every patient, and it's simply not worth the risk.


Pregnancy Acts as Its Own Filler

The good news is that pregnancy sometimes causes a little natural swelling, so you may still look like you’re maintaining your fillers even if it’s been awhile since you had them. Many people are able to maintain the results from their last treatment well into the first or second trimester before the real swelling occurs.

How Soon After Giving Birth Can I Get Botox or Fillers?

What happens after delivery is up to the patient. For breastfeeding mothers, we don’t recommend getting Botox or fillers until after you have stopped feeding breast milk to your baby. While we know these products are safe for adults, there has not been enough testing to determine if they are safe for infants or how much, if any, could end up in the mother’s breast milk.

For mothers who choose to formula feed, there is no reason to hold off on injectables after delivery. As long as the mother is healthy, she can resume her regimen of procedures immediately after she has given birth.

Other Procedures

Other, more invasive procedures are also forbidden during pregnancy. While it is not unheard of for women to need surgery during pregnancy, cosmetic procedures are off the (surgical) table until after childbirth. The good news is some surgeons can do "mommy makeovers" immediately following a C-section, and in the case of most plastic surgeries it would be better to wait to have surgery until after the pregnancy anyway, because pregnancy could alter the results. 

Women who have had an abdominoplasty prior to pregnancy may end up needing a second procedure, and women who have breast implants may find it difficult to breastfeed following surgery. Furthermore, pregnancy hormones can alter the size and shape of the breast, leaving patients feeling like they need an immediate revision to correct the changes.

If you are pregnant, congratulations! Use this time to take care of your health and the health of your baby. Fillers and Botox will still be here when you’re ready for them.

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