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Plastic Surgery Trend Alert: Thighlighting

b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-19.pngThose looking for the next big trend in plastic surgery needn’t look farther than the thighs. That’s because these days, thighs are quite literally getting their moment in the sun. With thigh-high slits appearing on runways and red carpets alike, the thigh is the body part celebrities and fashion icons will be showing off this year. For those fortunate enough to have naturally shapely thighs, the fashion options are endless, but for everyone else there’s a new series of procedures called thighlighting.


Though thighlighting can include a combination of several different procedures, it generally consists of liposuction that contours the thigh to create shape and definition.

"Many thigh liposuction procedures can help reduce some of the appearance of cellulite and just make the thigh smaller, but thighlighting aims to make it look shapelier and more toned," says Dr. Ryan Mitchell, a plastic surgeon in Henderson, Nevada. "It's not enough to just have skinny thighs anymore. Women want shapely, toned-looking legs, too."

Unfortunately, for some women, getting that toned look isn’t as easy as it sounds.

"Cellulite is extremely hard to lose," says Mitchell. "Even some of the slenderest women in the world have cellulite on their thighs. In fact, 90 percent of women have some cellulite somewhere. For those women, no amount of time at the gym is going to get rid of cellulite, so thighlighting is a perfect solution."

Mitchell says thighlighting procedures typically take just a few hours, and patients can return to normal activities like work and walking within a few days, and the gym within a few weeks.

As for the best time to book a thighlighting procedure of your own, Mitchell says the time is now.

"Believe it or not, it’s already time to start looking ahead to spring break and summer vacation," says Mitchell. "Shorts and swimsuits are right around the corner."

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