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Plastic Surgery Becoming More Accepted Among Partners, Survey Says

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_189645428_20180330-193003_1.jpgPlastic surgery is one of those topics that everyone has an opinion about, regardless of whether they’ve had it done or not. For some people, it’s considered elitist and only for the rich and famous. For others, it’s considered unnecessary and risky, and to some, it’s just wasteful, because they feel people should just embrace what makes them different. But to a growing number of people, these outdated opinions about plastic surgery are becoming a thing of the past.

Recently, plastic surgery social network RealSelf released the findings of a survey on attitudes toward plastic surgery, and the results show signs of a major shift in thinking about the field.

"The good news is that when asked if their partner's desire to get a cosmetic procedure would change how they felt about their partner, 45 percent of respondents said it wouldn’t change how they felt about them," says Dr. Ryan Mitchell, a plastic surgeon from Henderson, Nevada. "Another 38 percent said it would depend on what procedure their partner wanted. Only 13 percent said it would make them think negatively of their partner."

While RealSelf did not provide any data for attitudes toward plastic surgery from previous years, Mitchell says it should be interesting to watch the changes from today on.

"Hopefully they will make this a regular survey and can monitor the changing attitudes toward this field over time," he says. "Because I think the more people see their friends and family and neighbors are accepting of this kind of surgery, the more they’ll be accepting of it themselves."

Other interesting things to note: Users in the 45-and-older age group were the most accepting of plastic surgery, while respondents from the Midwest had the highest instance of negative feelings toward plastic surgery.

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