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Considering One of 'Allure' Magazine’s Top Four Plastic Surgery Trends?

b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-33.jpgMall bangs. Permanent lipliner. Bell bottoms. Trends come and go - some of them not soon enough - but when they’re here, they can cause quite a stir. This is nowhere more apparent than in the world of cosmetic surgery. A field that used to be associated with breast implants and rhinoplasties for the rich and famous just 20 years ago is now more commonly associated with Brazilian butt-lifts, Botox and hyaluronic acid lip injections for the selfie crowd.


But while some trends stand the test of time, others are resigned to their spot in ancient history. So when "Allure" magazine released an article titled "The Biggest 4 Plastic Surgery Trends for 2018," we wondered how many of these trends were just that, and which procedures would stick around for the long haul. Here’s an expert opinion on whether these trendy procedures are as trendy as they seem.

Claim: "Botox 2.0"
A plastic surgeon is quoted saying a product that’s "better than Botox" is set to hit the market in 2018. In fact, there may be several products that are better than Botox headed your way in the new year. But with no other details, it’s hard to know what those products could be.

Without giving any real details, it's hard to make the call on this one, but we will say this: Botox isn’t just for relaxing away wrinkles anymore. It’s been used to treat everything from TMJ disorders to overactive sweat glands and bladders. It has been proven safe, and it works. So yes, there may be products that come for its crown, but considering the versatility, effectiveness and relative affordability of trusty old Botox, we doubt anyone will be stealing the throne anytime soon.

Claim: "Customized Labia"

The labiaplasty has been around for a few years now, gaining mainstream popularity following its appearance on shows like "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Admittedly, the procedure is a little on the trendy side, but it's not really a 2018 trend - it was more of a 2016 trend that continues to increase in popularity, helping to eschew it out of the trend category. As for if you should splurge on a labiaplasty, consider this: It isn’t for everyone, but if you do go for it, you must do it for the right reasons. Don’t get a procedure like a labiaplasty to please a partner or to keep up with a trend. This procedure can be great if you have significant sexual discomfort, or if you are insecure about the look and feel of your labia, but it should never be done unless the patient is 100 percent on board with the procedure.

It may be considered a trend for now, but it's not like going out and getting eyelash extensions. It’s a major surgery, and patients considering the procedure should weigh the consequences just as they would any other permanent body modification.

Claim: "The Laser Bra-lift"


What exactly do they mean by a "laser bra-lift," anyway? This relatively new, laser-assisted breast-reduction surgery is increasing in popularity due to its relatively short downtime as opposed to traditional breast-reduction surgeries. However, unlike traditional surgeries that cut away excess breast tissue, the laser lift uses CO2 lasers to create an internal "bra," lifting the breast without removing any of the breast tissue. This creates a perkier, lifted look without decreasing the size or volume of the breast.

So, is this the next breast reduction? Probably not. While some women truly do want just a little "pick me up" from their breast reduction, many women are looking for an actual reduction in breast size, something that can’t be achieved by lasers just yet. For those women, traditional breast-reduction surgery is still the way to go, and it's not going out of vogue anytime soon.

Claim: "Filler ... For your eyes"


The "Allure" article claims that fillers will be used around the eyes this year, bucking the tradition of only using needles to reshape bags below the eyes. But this procedure isn’t exactly new. Fillers have been used to fill in fine lines and "crow’s feet" for years - and yes, even reshape the upper eye areas. That being said, this is one trend we definitely recommend you take a closer "look" at! With a quick healing time and a low price tag, using fillers around the eyes can make a dramatic change in your facial appearance, without the sacrifice of traditional face or eye-lifts. The verdict on this one is that this is one trend that’s here to stay!

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